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About Us

Reportech was established in 1988 by current director Colin Watson and is based in South Queensferry.

We have completed projects all over Scotland, from Dunkeld to The Scottish Borders, however the majority of our commissions are in Fife, Edinburgh and the Lothians, Perth & Kinross and the surrounding areas.


We have a proud record of delivering the design you require as well as assisting in the little things, like having your existing gas meter relocated or dealing with Scottish Water, because that manhole is where your extensions needs to be!
Reportech will handle Planning & Building Warrant submissions on your behalf and will liaise, with the local authority and your builder from the initial design of your project through to it’s completion.


With heating bills going through the roof it is important that your designer is familiar with the Building Standards (Scotland) Regulations in respect of heat loss.
It is equally important that your designer keeps up to date with new cost effective, highly efficient insulation products as they come on line.
The cost of insulation products vary enormously in both monetary terms and the effect it’s production has on the environment.
We  strive at all times to provide the best, cost effective products for your build.

The Builder

It is important that the builder you choose has the appropriate experience to carry out the construction in an efficient and safe manner, achieve a high level of workmanship (in line with the approved plans) all within the agreed timescale and budget.
Reportech can assist in selecting the right building contractor for your project.

Structural Design Requirements

More often than not these days, the Building Control Department of your local authority will ask that a Structural Engineer certifies the structure.
We have a good working relationship with several firms of Structural Enginneer’s if engineering is requested.